Ways to Use a Texture Pin for Baking!

texture design 1texture pintexture design 2

Using a Texture Pin to Bake!

Textured Rolling Pins are the best baking product available today! They are made from FDA approved acrylic and are laser etched for precision.The variety of designs, patterns, shapes and size make the creative combinations endless. They are wonderfully fun and easy to use and can applied to almost all forms of baking! Here are three different ways you can use textured pins.


Spruce up cookies with an added dose of textured sweetness! Bake your cookies as you would normally; take them out of the oven and let them cool. Once they’re cooled ice them with delicious butter cream frosting.

Cupcakes & Cakes

The most common way to create textured cakes and cupcakes is to use fondant. (However, I highly recommend the yummier alternative called Choco-Pan. Its more affordable and the taste is much yummier!) Roll out the choco-pan as you would, normally. Cut into the appropriately sized sections for cupcakes and cake. Gently roll each choco-pan piece with the desired texture pin. Delicately apply the now gorgeously decorated choco-pan pieces onto the cupcakes and cakes!

cake designed with texture pins

To browse a vast selection of textured pins look no further than Choco-Pan! They have a range of baking products: gum paste, modeling chocolate, books, videos, tools and their own line of signature and delicious Choco-Pan fondant!

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